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Our Story

Pub & Eatery
Est. 2023

The Whistling Swan has a great history and when deciding a direction for our new restaurant we wanted to pay homage to it's past. The Whistling Swan as it stands today is very different what they would have known back in the day. Take a look back with us into the grand history of our building.

Providing a special place for cultural experiences for his guests was the reason for the doctor’s purchase of what came to be known as Dr. Welcker’s Casino. Originally called the Lumberman’s Hotel, it was built in Marinette in 1889. Around 1906, the entire hotel was disassembled and brought across the Green Bay winter ice to Fish Creek. Elegant furnishings, Asian rugs and a grand piano arrived from Sheboygan and Milwaukee. 

Today our restaurant will take you back in time to the prohibition our cozy lounge will feel inviting and make you want to stay to enjoy all that we have to offer, but if the fuzz walks in, hide your drinks ;) 

We Are Open for Private Events

For More Information Please Contact Katie at the Email Below. 

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